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MyRent & OnlyGoPro Exclusive discounted listing. Minimum $20 per rental Feiyu Mg Lite electronic gimbal for mirror-less camera. MULTIPLE CONFIGURATIONS: - Two-Handed: Uses the included handlebar and both handgrips for a standard two-handed configuration, with the camera suspended below the handlebar.(additional accessories needed) - Two-Handed Inverted: Positions the camera above the handlebar, allowing you to capture eye-level footage while keeping your arms in a more natural position.(additional accessories needed) - Single-Handed: Uses a single handgrip above the gimbal that functions like a standard top-handle. This setup is ideal for low-angle shooting. - Single-Handed Upright: Places the gimbal directly on top of a single hand grip for a traditional single-handed gimbal stabilizer design. OPERATING MODES: - Panning Mode: The camera is allowed to pan left or right. Vertical tilts or rolls are restricted. (Single tap) - Panning and Tilting Mode: The camera is allowed to pan left or right and tilt up and down. Rolls are restricted.(Double tap) - Lock Mode: The camera stays in its current orientation. All panning, tilting, and rolls are restricted. KEY FEATURES: - Supports loads between 0.77 to 4.4 lb - Accepts a wide range of mirrorless cameras - Single-handed and two-handed configurations - 360° rotation of pan, tilt, and roll axes - Single on-off and mode selection button - 4-direction joystick for angle adjustments - Wi-Fi remote included with 49' maximum range - Lightweight CNC-machined aluminum construction - Quick dismantling - Threaded at bottom of handle to accept optional extension bar