Air Purifier for post renovation works (HIHAP)


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Owned by

Junda Ong

About this listing

Rent for 1 month at only $20. Model: HIHAP HE-150, 55W This cleanse the poisonous air that is produced because of various carpentry work. How it works: It produces O3 to interact and break down those smell. I bought this in Jun 2021 for cleaning the air after my house reno. This is a commercial air purifier filter. Very useful and will benefit your family health. With this, you can move in sooner 😃 Instruction: 1. Close all the windows and doors and switch it on for 15 minutes (for a room) 2. Only enter after 1 hour 3. Do for other rooms 4. Do for a few weeks Please and collect and return from my place. An additional deposit of $20 is required, and will be returned when the item is returned.

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