Beauty Dish Reflector JINBEI QZ RADAR - Bowens S-type Adaptor


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Michael Lim

About this listing

The Jinbei QZ Radar Beauty Dish Reflector is included professional Productions in Portrait, beauty and fashion areas indispensable. Its light is a mixture of Standard reflector and Softbox. Not as soft as a softbox and not as hard as a standard reflector. The through the Light shaper generated reflections in the eyes (catchlights) of a photographed person appear natural and pleasant. LIGHT WITH SPECIAL PROPERTIES That of the Light source emitted light hits the first Deflector . This flat metal disc throws it onto the silver (QZ-40) or white (QZ-50) inside of the Beauty Dish it reflects softly. The special design creates a light that is more concentrated in the middle (with corresponding harder shadows) that illuminates a small area more intensely. The light weakens gently towards the edge areas. HONEYCOMB ATTACHMENT AVAILABLE SEPARATELY FOR MORE CONTROL The separately available Jinbei QZ-41 resp.QZ-51 Beauty Dish Radar honeycomb attachment further intensifies this effect. The grid reduces the Stray light component and directs the light intensively into the center, the edge areas darken. With the honeycomb you have more control over the light and the Lighting is much easier. EXTERNAL DIFFUSER REDUCES REFLECTIONS The included Outside diffuser Scatters the light even further, enlarges the light reflections in the eyes of a photographed person with the expanded luminous surface and reduces reflections in the subject. Via the Bowens S-type bayonet, the beauty dish fits on many battery / studio flash units (Jinbei / Bowens / Walimex flashes) or continuous light lamps with the appropriate. Shape: round Diameter: 40 cm or 50 cm Length: 40 cm :14 cm, 50 cm : 16 cm Lighting angle: 112 ° Color: inside : white (QZ-50), outside : black Connection: Bowens S-type Diffuser: outside, white Weight: 40 cm:0.7 kg, 50 cm:1.1 kg ===== 1 Set available. Self-collection @ Jurong West Street 92.