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James Y

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Osmo pocket with case cover Lightweight and good for travels. šŸ“ŒšŸ“ŒšŸ“ŒšŸ“ŒšŸ“ŒšŸ“ŒšŸ“ŒšŸ“ŒšŸ“ŒšŸ“Œ How does renting with James Y work? 1. Select the dates when you would like to collect and return the item. MyRent already chalks off 1 day free for you for collection/return. There is NO NEED to collect the day before the commencement of rental. Please return on time as well, otherwise please arrange the extra rental day(s) for late return the 2. Wait for me to accept your offer. Please verify yourself on the platform before you submit an offer.