Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic (Brown)


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--- AVAILABLE--- Bought for my ex-girlfriend (We parted amicably) but she didn’t want to keep it, so it has been staying in the drybox together with my other cameras. We shared many happy memories together and hope that you will too for your gatherings and events. Key Features below. You can also check out the full specifications in the following link: https://www.fujifilm.com/sg/en/consumer/instax/cameras/mini90 - High Performance Flash (Adjusts to optimize exposure) - Macro Mode (Best for targets 30cm to 60cm) - Bulb Exposure Mode (Longer exposure, up to 10secs) - Double Exposure Mode (Superimpose 2 different images in one frame) - Party Mode (Captures both background and subjects brightly) - Kids Mode (Captures fast moving subjects, even in low light situations) - Landscape Mode (Best for targets >3m) - Mountable on Tripod - Brightness Control (For the creatives!) Rental Package (2nd Picture): 1x Fully Charged Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic (Brown) 1x rechargable battery 1x battery charger Rates as follows, rent it longer for better prices: (Fixed deposit of $100 required before transfer of rental package, will be returned upon return of rental package) 5 days and less: $5 per day 6 to 10 days:$4 per day 11 days and up: $3 per day *Pick up and return will be done mostly in the evening times. Negotiable for weekends and holidays. *Any delay in returns will be charged at $5 per day, unless it is a delay on my part. (Regardless of rental duration) *Delay fees will be informed beforehand and deducted from fixed deposit. *Loss of any item will result in the deposit to be forfeited and incur a $100 charge. *Please be upfront if there are any incidents and/or damages to the machine and accessories. We can review this on a case by case basis and work something out fairly. ---PM me for more details---