Nikon NIKKOR AI/AI-S Cine-Modded EF Mount Prime 6 Lens Set (RENTAL)


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Ryan Wong

About this listing

***STRICTLY RENTAL ONLY*** Cine-modded from F to EF mount, fitted with focus gears 80mm outer diameter, 77mm filter threads - only the 15mm lens is a 90mm diameter Comes with a fitted pelican case This set comprises of: NIKKOR AI-S 15mm f/3.5 | 0.3m | 11.8” NIKKOR AI 24mm f/2 | 0.3m | 11.8” NIKKOR AI 35mm f/2 | 0.3m | 11.8” NIKKOR AI 50mm f/1,4 | 0.45m | 1’6” NIKKOR AI 85mm f/2 | 0.85m | 2’9” NIKKOR AI-S 105mm Micro f/2.8| 0.41m | 1’4” Comes with the Nikon PN-11 AI 52.5mm Extension Tube - for 1:1 life size magnifcation **Please ignore the apertures printed on the lens caps. I printed wrongly and will reprint in the future** The poor man’s Leica R/ Cooke lenses. These lenses are a well kept secret in the world of cinematography. Highly raved by Matteo Bertoli too, you can check out his videos on YouTube. These lenses shot many feature films in the 80s and 90s. A beautiful and cost-effective vintage prime set for your short films, narrative projects, music videos and commercial work. Looks good for about anything. Takes the sharpness out of the image and renders the space in a very 3D way. Bokeh is painterly and soft. Stop down a tad if you want a sharper more modern look while taking off some clinical sharpness. Lenses cover up to a full frame sensor. This set comprises of the very rare 15mm f/3.5 which gives a super unique image - perfect for wide shots on a S35 sensor. The set also comprises of the 105mm f/2.8 Micro which is essentially 2 lenses in one, allowing for telephoto and 1:2 macro shots. The included PN-11 adapter allows you to go to true 1:1 size magnification. Each lens has been CLA’d at least once. No haze, no balsam separation, no fungus. Focus rings are smooth and can be operated even on cheaper follow focus systems like the Nucleus Nano. Strictly no mounting of filters onto the filter thread directly. Please use a rod mounted mattebox. These are 40-50 year old lenses so need to be careful with them. If you need other accessories like a lens donut, mattebox, filters. Please enquire. Can add on to the kit at additional cost. Sample videos and images please ask - I put together this set not too long ago so haven’t gotten to compiling stuff shot with it :) Package Price: 1 Day: $150 | 3 Day: $350 | | 1 Week: $700