NUS Graduation Gown (Tangerine)


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Xin Rong

About this listing

National University of Singapore (NUS) graduation gown. Comes with 3 items: base gown, tangerine colored hood, and mortarboard. Hood color suitable for FASS (honors), and possibly SOC (please check and confirm). Size S, both for gown and mortarboard. You might like to try out the sizes first when the vendor sets up their booth in NUS, with various gowns and mortarboard on display and measurement. Items are in excellent condition. If you want to throw the motarboard, please, please catch it. Otherwise, it is almost certain one of the pointed sides will land on the ground and damage it. Kindly send all items for dry cleaning before returning, with receipt attached. Should cost around $20-25. If there is a lack of time to dry clean, please pay an additional $20 upon return.