Sound Devices 688 12-input digital field mixer with 16-track integrated recorder and timecode


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Sankin Halim

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12 analog inputs: Six mic/line preamps plus six line inputs all with front-panel faders & PFLs. 16-track recording to SD & CompactFlash cards; Timecode-stamped WAV & MP3 files MixAssist 12-input auto-mixer. Optional Accessories: SL-6 power distribution & 6-ch SuperSlot™ wireless receiver system; CL-6 input controller with LED metering & transport controls. Both SL-6 and CL-6 can be conected to the 688 at the same time. SL-6 to top panel, CL-6 to bottom panel. Eight output buses: L/R mix plus Aux 1-6; transformer-balanced XLR & Hirose outs for freedom from ground loops Two AES42/AES3 inputs, eight AES3 outputs. Direct menu control of SuperSlot-compatible wireless (with SL-6). PowerSafe protects files from power loss. 2-second power on-to-recording. Flexible digital mixing and routing. Supports all sample rates up to 192kHz. Adjustable input & output delay. Three camera returns & dedicated COM return. Internal & external slate mic inputs. Ambient TC generator and reader and internal TC backup battery. Easy to navigate interface, 1000-nit LCD visible in all light conditions, configurable metering. USB Keyboard for metadata entry. User-configurable headphone presets. Light-weight, durable carbon-fiber chassis. Powered by AA-battery (x5), external DC or NP1 via SL-6. 12-Input Field Production Mixer with 16-Track Recorder & Automixing The 688 combines performance, reliability, and integrity of sound quality, to help production sound engineers thrive on even the most complex productions. With its multi-channel mixer, two powerful auto mixers (Dugan and MixAssist™), and integrated 16-track recorder, the 688 was designed with high-demand versatility in mind. Vertical meter displays, improved menus, and the ability to save custom configurations make live monitoring and on-the-fly adjustments simple and quick. Its portability, durability, and impressive feature set, make it capable of fitting into any production scenario, from bag to cart-based workflows. With 12 true inputs (6 mic inputs and 6 line inputs), the 688 offers more than enough fader control for bag work. Add the optional SL-6 integrated powering and wireless system, used with SuperSlot-compatible receivers, and the 688 gains complete Rx control and monitoring, plus RF scanning and frequency assignment, all from the 688’s larger color LCD.