Tatonka 45L King’s Peak


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Imran Tahir

About this listing

Backpacking Trip Coming Soon? Rental of Premium Quality Tatonka Backpack Kings Peak Tatonka Backpack Max Volume - 45L Measurements- 65 x 30 x 18mm Retailing at $300++ Save your expenses to spend more for your trip instead. If you want to slug it out, for a rough and tough expedition, this is the best choice. Has never failed me before! Collect anytime. Feel free to chat to find out more! Best option for backpacking long distances, mountaineering, trekking, etc. I love the weight distribution for this beast! Renting out for $3 per day Deposit of $90 needed Delivery Charges : East $5 West $10 North $15 South $10 Pm me for any queries 🙂👍🏽 #trail #backpack #backpacking #hiking #outdoor #camping #durable #bags #deal #rental

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