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Jason Chee

About this listing

Experience owning an Xbox One S for a week or more - together with a great selection of games, 4 controllers (upon request), and Xbox Live! Have a party? Or just want to play that specific Xbox Exclusive (the Halo series comes to mind)? No need to spend on a new console ($339), 3 extra controllers ($224.70), Xbox Live ($84.90/yr), games (around $60 each), etc. Rent one with everything included! This is the Xbox One S - more powerful than the original Xbox One, not as overkill as the X. Contains support for 4K HDR gaming and can double up as a Blu-ray player. The console has 500GB of internal space which is good for 5-30 games, depending on the games you want (some games are as small as 15GB, big titles like Halo: MCC or CoD: WW2 can hit 100GB). Please message in advance so I can prepare the games on the console. Xbox Live is included. Not all games (such as those needing accounts, like Elder Scrolls Online) will work. Not all games have local multiplayer - so plan ahead by researching if you're looking to use this at a party. Please visit this link for a list of games, addons, and accessories (e.g. Kinect, Rock Band 4 set): Popular Games and Series: - Assassin's Creed - Battlefield - Call of Duty - Cuphead - Far Cry - FIFA - Forza - Gears of War - Halo - Just Dance - LEGO - Mass Effect - Minecraft - Rock Band